IT Audits and Assessments

System Assessments provide an executive level breakdown of risk, outstanding issues, and likely remediation steps. We perform assessments, so we can offer the appropriate services and features to their leadership. Managed Services clients typically start with a System Assessment.

Network Audits typically begin with an assessment of a company’s current network (what systems are running, Line-of-Business Applications, Mobile Workforce, System efficiency, warranty and licensing, etc.). We won’t make any recommendations to our clients without a clear understanding of its network.

The concept of audits and assessments is essential to organizations understanding their network and it is a part of our Managed Services offering. Accounting departments have their financials audited regularly to ensure they have managed their numbers appropriately. IT audits and assessments offer a very similar approach for many of the same reasons. Most organizations do not have a clear and complete understanding of their IT network and more importantly their vulnerabilities. Our assessments deliver an executive level summary of your entire network.

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